Terms and conditions of Ichenhausen Online GmbH

The terms and conditions apply to the entire business relationship between the customer and the Ichenhausen Online GmbH and relevant departments.

Changes in these terms and conditions are already available with the contract by the customer.

Fowarded Orders
When an order is executed according to its contents typically in the form that the Ichenhausen Online GmbH entrusts a third party with the further execution, meets the Ichenhausen Online GmbH commissioned by the fact that you forwar it in its own name to the third party. In these cases, the liability of Ichenhausen Online GmbH on the careful selection and instruction of third parties.

Our offers are non-binding. The current price list is valid and the individual referred to in the tender prices. All prices are net prices plus VAT. Offers will be marked as authentic in so far as the customer enters into a contract already, as he undertakes the offer,or parts thereof pass from the tender specifications to third parties. With the requirement of a binding offer, he agreed because of violation of this confidentiality obligation or other contract element from these terms and submit to a penalty in the amount of the contract.

Formation of Contract
A contract with the Ichenhausen Online GmbH comes about through the submission of the signed sales order by far, electronic mail, or submission. By signing the sales contract is confirmed.

Unless there are deviations from the terms and conditions of the various departments of Ichenhausen Online GmbH, is the compensation after the completion of the agreed service, after the accounting by the Ichenhausen Online GmbH within 14 days, payable in full. For a delay, we are entitled to the statutory default interest collected.

The Customer shall indemnify Ichenhausen Online GmbH from all third party claims arising from the data. In the event of data loss, the Ichenhausen Online GmbH can not be held liable and the customer agrees to all the necessary data again without charge to the forward Ichenhausen Online GmbH.

The contractor agrees that in the last part of the contract concluded with him, data stored on his person, or deleted, and in the context of the need to send to third parties. This is particularly true for the transmission of data for the registration and or modification of a domain (web address) are required.


The customer is obliged to accept all legal responsibility, in terms of copyright protection, child safety, Press Law and the "right to their own image." Publications commissioned by the customer are just text and pictures to publish or make available for publishing, where there is a corresponding right to use and for which there is any required consent of the persons depicted. The copyright of all by Ichenhausen Online GmbH remains prepared to work Ichenhausen Online GmbH
Another is listed in the terms of the various departments.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
(1) Applicability of German law. The business relationship between the customer and Ichenhausen Online GmbH German law applies.
(2) The court agreement applies to domestic customers and foreign customers alike.
(3) performance and jurisdiction for all services is the competent court.

For details of the disclaimers in the terms and conditions of each department is included.